Running Water Documentaries

In 2010, Running Water Documentaries (RWD) was launched, led by passionate documentary filmmaker Lina Teoh. Over the past 4 years, Lina has produced and directed world-class documentaries for international broadcasters such as the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel and the BBC. Her production credits include the award winning “Great Apes of Asia with Michelle Yeoh” (Producer, 2009), “A Leaders Legacy: Tun Abdul Razak” (Producer, 2010), “The Lion Dance King” (Director/Producer/Writer, 2007) and “Mega Structures: Smart Tunnel” (Associate Producer, 2008). RWD is currently in pre-production for a new story being produced for the History Channel (Director/ Producer - to be completed by the end of 2011) as well as a supervising producing for the Malaysian Film board’s (Finas) “Malaysia to the World 2011” initiative.

Growing up in Australia, Lina originates from European and Asian decent. Having had the opportunity to travel to many places around the world, she has a comprehensive understanding and rich experience of both cultures giving her a unique approach and style to telling non fictional stories in a well balanced manner for our ever changing world.

Running Water Documentaries specializes in crafting a product from the beginning to final delivery including conceptualization, story development, research, pre-production, production and post production. An exciting time in the growing documentary industry in Malaysia, RWD hopes to tell local and regional stories to a global audience through producing high standard documentaries for both the local and international markets.