Production Services/Support

With a temperature of around 30 plus degrees Celsius all year round, Malaysia has wealth of stunning locations to choose from. Offering a broad range of scenic natural landscapes including tropical Islands, beautiful white sandy beaches, stunning limestone cliffs, breathtaking mountains, spectacular caves, mangroves, impressive waterways, 130 million year old rainforests and some of the best dive sites in the world.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is a bustling city most famous for the Petronas twin towers, an amalgamation of the old and new with both modern cityscapes and historical buildings. Putrajaya, 45 minutes from the city center is a perfect example of this with its impressive contemporary designed buildings, bridges, roads and streetscapes.

With a vast mixture of cultures and religions, Malaysia is a melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dutch, Portuguese, British, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and Christian influences, prevalent in its rich culture, interesting architecture and fascinating traditions.

Running Water offers a vast range of production services for filming in Malaysia including:

  • Pre-production and budget analysis
  • Site selection and location scouting
  • Production crew and equipment
  • Studio rental
  • Sets and set construction
  • Translation and interpreters
  • Talents and extras
  • Make up and hair
  • Wardrobe and costume
  • Accommodation/Travel
  • Transportation
  • Police, security & crowd control
  • Catering
  • Materials, supplies misc.
  • Film stock & processing
  • Telecine
  • Offline and online Post production Facilities
  • Working Permits for foreign crew/personnel
Shooting in Malaysia

Malaysia offers a variety of locations to suit almost any type of filming requirement. Below are just a glimpse of what we can provide

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